Androgyny, Anti Fashion, Independence and Multicultural influences are the main recurring themes at Burbo K'ture.

Modernist and artisanal; using texture, print, form and embellishment.


Handmade or ‘Raw Couture’ items are made with a primal, unfinished edge. Exposed seams and threads are an ongoing feature. The pieces mix a basic, sometimes 'crude' finish with a multi shape silhouette.

It’s about experimentation during the design process and experimenting with the shape when worn.


Customised pieces are restructured, embellished, printed and painted 

and are transformed from vintage and discarded clothing into wearable art.


Dress designs for commercial outlets, have found a wide audience and

retain the one-off handmade appeal that has made them so popular and still unique.


As a Fashion Director, stylist, designer and collaborator,Burbo K'ture has worked on many shoots, short films and runway / live events.

Burbo has recently begun working as a freelance lecturer for University Fashion Courses, in the areas of deconstruction and customisation, styling and End of Year shows.


Contact can be made through this site for Commissions, Styling assignments, Consultancy, Freelance design, retail orders and Visual merchandising appointments.


Burbo K’ture 2018


'Burbo is the most innovative designer working in Birmingham today'

- Patti Bell, Legendary Punk/New wave Designer. 

'We love this designer @BURBOKture so talented.' 


'As the saying goes; "You either know Fashion or you don't." There's no doubt that Designer, Stylist and Fashion Director, Burbo, knows Fashion.'



'Disorder Boutique is a multi award winning store and brand; For a number of years, Burbo has been a key part of the Disorder team, co-managing the store. Burbo K'ture is also stocked in Disorder Boutique and it has become an important label in the store brand mix. It is always a pleasure to have such an original label and talented communicator become part of the Disorder family.'

- Mark Howard, Designer, Artist and Director  at Disorder Boutique.

'His range is broad – We’ve been able to style everyone from comedian Jasper Carrott, multi-award winning milliner Monique Lee to local don & Soul Food entrepreneur Carl Finn.  He also helped us to create ‘Anna Karenina’ & ’Bane’ character inspired looks for the aforementioned ‘Modern Icons’ shoot, proving the strap line ‘Men, Women, Whatever’ is a perfect summation of the brand.'

- Sy-Anne Taylor, Stylist of The Year;

Midland Fashion Awards.

'We've used Burbo on all our creative shoots and his work is impeccable. A true professional with an original creative vision which has helped us to take our shoots to another level.'

-Dean & Dean, Sixth Sense Salon.

'As well as making made-to-measure designs, he sells items off the peg; it’s his unique products that are proving a hit with shoppers from across the country.'

- Birmingham Mail.





For enquiries for made to order, styling assignments, Visual Merchandising, retail orders and private commissions 

contact here or via the Etsy store to reserve pieces to try at the Burbo K'ture Boutique

PLEASE NOTE: Any deposits paid for Made to order, styling assignments or 'Champagne/Cupcakes/Couture' events are non refundable.





Photographers included on the site:







Faye Stimpson

Joerg Brunsendorf

Alex Heru